[ARCHIVED] - Community Guild S1 Budget Application

[[Archived]] - Community Guild S1 Budget Application

Authors: @myz1237.eth @wiseTy, @luan @aakansha12 @michellebakels


This proposal is set to compensate contributors from the community guild to keep the guild running successfully and gather the community.


This proposal does not cover Community Guild Priority Projects: Onboarding and AxisOne Program, but other essential projects and workstream keeping the guild running and serving the DAO: Developer DAO Notion Wiki and Vibes.

Developer DAO Notion Wiki

 Why Wiki?

 Notion Wiki is not only an async way to know what is going on in our DAO from outsides, but also a reflection to transparency.

 How does Wiki work?

 In Season 1, the community guild needs to finish the following 4 tasks:

 Wiki Maintenance
  • Community Guild Notion Page – guild introduction, meeting notes, projects (eg. onboarding, AxisOne Program), contributors and so on.
  • DAO-layer – how to x (eg. how to use Notion, how to use Dework), contents formatting.
  • Other guilds – wiki maintenance does not cover other guilds notion pages due to different contexts, but a proper guide and formatting could be provided by our guild.
 Access Control
  • Responsible for notion access control – members willing to edit notion pages should be granted a guest role by guild leaders or members with admin roles.
  • Current status: only nathanng.eth has the ownership of Notion Wiki. Through the notion team plan, ownership will be extended to other members.
  • Potential alternative products of notion
    • Token-gated (anyone with genesis NFT or CODE tokens are eligible to edit)
    • Easy migration from Notion
    • Affordable subscription fee or costs
 Translation Group from CN Community
  • DAO contents translation including but not limit to:
    • Snapshot and essential forum discussion
    • DAO-layer contents, how to x (eg. how to use Notion, how to use Dework)
    • Newsletter (proposed by newsletter budget application)
    • Guild: guild notion pages, guild projects
    • Project: Developer DAO Websites, School of Code
    • Discord contents, announcement, key resources
  • Translation are operated case by case. Guild or project champions could reach us to ask for translation and our guild would create Dework tasks for potential translators. Translators successfully passing review are rewarded.

Developer DAO Vibes

 Why Vibes

 Vibes are DAO indispensable important elements, where members make friends, talk any stuff they want, and discuss with our contributors. Unlike weekly sync meetings and onboarding calls, Vibes do not have any standard or agenda.

 How do Vibes work?

 Each Vibes last 1 hour and need a host to lead members and start conversation. Developer DAO currently have Weekday EN Vibes, one CN and Spanish Vibes on Friday. Now, RyanCoordinator hosts EN vibes, Alex1237 for CN Vibes and [Unknown] hosts Spanish Vibes.

Mission, values and goals alignment

A clean and well-designed notion wiki would be an encyclopedia for newcomers and current members and help us spread DAO brand. With reliable translation, Developer DAO could communicate ideas and values to a wider audience.

Scope of work

Define Core Team

Role / Candidates Tasks to perform $CODE/Season
Guild Coordination (luan)
  • Weekly meetings (Guild + Onboarding): Setting Agendas, MCing weekly meetings, soliciting updates from workstreams
  • 2,400 = 10 hrs/week * 16 * 15 CODE/hr
    Guild Treasurer (Aakansha)
  • Ensure budgets are distributed at a regular cadence.
  • Ensure that payments are tracked in the DAO financial spreadsheet
  • 1,200 = 5 hrs/week * 16 * 15 CODE/hr
    Guild Scribing (Alex1237)
  • Documentation of meetings, agenda-setting with Coordinator, capturing action items, following up ahead of each call
  • 960 = 4 hrs/week * 16 * 15 CODE/hr
    Translation Coordination (Alex1237)
  • Coordinate with different members, projects and guilds. Qualification control and review translation results.
  • 2,400 = 10 hrs/week * 16 * 15 CODE/hr

    Define Task

    The below tasks will be listed in Dework in a permissionless way, which means that any Developer DAO member is able to pick up a task, complete it and get rewards.

    Role / Candidates Tasks to perform $CODE/Season
    Notion Content
  • Notion page design, formatting, content creation
  • 900 = 60 hrs * 15 CODE/hr
    Notion Research
  • Find a web3-based, permissionless, token-gated product to replace Notion.
  • 400 CODE once adopted
    Translation from CN Community
  • Case by case. Translation for guilds, projects, and Notion wiki
  • 1,500 = 100 hrs * 15 CODE/hr
  • Weekday EN Vibes at 1 pm EST
  • CN Vibes at 1 pm UTC
  • Spanish Vibes at 6 pm UTC
  • Vibes for other languages(Bounty-based)
  • Multiple hosts are available for one Vibes
  • 2,400 = 10 hrs/week * 16 * 15 CODE/hr

    Notion Team Plan Subscription

    Item Number Benefits USD/Season
    Notion Team Plan 3 for Dev, Community, Writer Guild Longer page history, Admin teams 120 = 3 * 10/member/month * 4 months

    Team and weekly contributors

    luan – Guild Coordinator/Leader

    Alex1237 – Guild Scribing and Translation Coordination

    Aakansha – Guild Treasurer

    Success Metrics & KPIs

    Under Construction. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

    Next Steps

    What are the next steps for this Budget Application

    You mentioned that we could have multiple hosts for one Vibes, right?

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    Yeah, perhaps as bounties?
    A permanent task for someone to host them regularly, but if someone wants to try, it can be a bounty for one session.

    agree with Erik I think bounties could be a good way to handle VIBES. that said, now we have onboarding think it’s worth considering if VIBES is just an open space to chill and if so, does it need to be budgeted. Not suggesting either just raising the question :slight_smile:

    By my calculations this budget is asking for $12,160 and $120 USD for Notion costs - is that right?

    yes, calculation is correct, lol.

    @myz1237.eth @luan @aakansha12 @michellebakels
    No Guild Lead?

    I’m officially putting myself forward for Guild Lead.

    hey @myz1237.eth please clarify for me, if that is the same or different from the Guild Co-ordinator role? Since I’m already fulfilling those duties, I’ll be continuing in that position.

    And I nominate you Alex, for Guild Scribing. I don’t believe this would be much different from what you’re currently doing.

    We will discuss further, during the Onboarding Team meeting later, as there’s some things not yet included in this budget proposal (i.e. the outline of the Guild Lead role, and the Town Hall scope of work). And there’s some ambiguity around the Guild Lead role, that I want to clarify with you - since I didn’t put this doc together, I just want to make sure that I’m fully understanding everything.

    sure, dude!
    You lead, I scribe! No problem!

    The roles of Guild Coordination and Guild Scribe have been assigned to luan and Alex1237 respectively.

    Hey @myz1237.eth feel free to archive this version. I’ve published the final version now: S1 Budget Proposal: Community Guild :couple:

    And please also add ‘[Archived]’ to the title, so it’s easy to distinguish. Thanks!


    As you wish, mate!
    Big thanks for your efforts on those proposals!
    Congrates for our guild!